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5 Ways to Help Phoenix Children's Homeless Youth Outreach

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Welcome to the heart of Christmas giving! At 365 Days of Grace, we're on a mission to transform lives through our first annual Christmas Gala, benefiting the Phoenix Children's Homeless Youth Outreach Program. As a business with a passion for positive change, you have the power to make a significant impact. Join us on this journey to create brighter futures for these young hearts. Here are five ways to help Phoenix Children's Homeless Youth Outreach and make a real difference.

Have Fun, Get your Tickets!

Why not mix business with pleasure? By purchasing tickets to our Christmas Gala, you're not just attending an event but investing in a better tomorrow. Whether you grab individual tickets or a table to enjoy with friends and family, your presence at the Gala directly contributes to the cause. Join us in celebrating the holiday spirit and giving hope to homeless youth.

Corporate Sponsorship

Corporate sponsors like you infuse life into our Gala. By becoming a sponsor, you become a hero for needy children and families. Your support lays the foundation for an impactful event that touches countless lives. The spirit of giving extends beyond monetary support – it's about making a lasting impact on the community.

Contribute to the Auction

Your company's contribution to our Silent Auction ignites hope, healing, and brighter futures. With your generous donations, we create a dynamic auction that draws attention and raises crucial funds. The items you provide not only showcase your commitment but also help in reaching our goals. Together, we can provide vital resources for the children who deserve a chance.

Program Ad

Why not let your brand shine in a meaningful way? Our Gala program offers prime ad space for your business, reaching a diverse audience while directly supporting the cause. Your ad's visibility promotes your brand and directs funds to where they're needed the most – ensuring that every penny counts in creating positive change.

Give Online

In today's digital age, making a difference is just a click away. While our Christmas Gala's goal is $500,000, our online giving goal is $50,000. Whether big or small, your contribution directly empowers Phoenix Children's Homeless Youth Outreach Program. By supporting us online, you're helping us reach a wider audience and making an impact most conveniently.

Let's Wrap it Up.

Your business has the power to shape a brighter future for homeless youth in Phoenix. Together, we can change lives and create a community where every child has a chance to thrive. The 365 Days of Grace Christmas Gala isn't just an event – it's a movement fueled by compassion, unity, and the spirit of giving. Join us in making a meaningful difference in the lives of those who need it most.

Together, let's create a brighter future for our community and children in need. Your support matters – let's make a lasting impact together.

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